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Vertical integration ensures the complete control of maintaining
rigorous sustainability initiatives.

Clean Source Solutions has become a trusted name in both sustainable sourcing of components/raw materials and creating by leveraging custom curated manufacturing specifications, whether certified organic, gluten-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, etc.

Clean Source Solutions subscribes to the six sigma & lean based manufacturing approach. This means that we quantify, target, and eliminate eight different types of harmful waste in our manufacturing processes. It also means that we utilize state-of-the-art OTC (over the counter) processing equipment and high capacity bulk processing and storage utilities. And, perhaps most critically, it means that we are both FDA audited and cGMP Compliant. Choosing between our customers, product quality, and caring for our planet was never an option; that’s why we take such tremendous pride in responsibly creating world-renowned products that you use in your home each and every day.

Compounding & Filling

We work tirelessly with your individual formulation to provide an economical solution for any and all of your OTC, I&I, retail, or other finished product needs.

Contract Packaging Services

Our team provides product line development services in house, from full service R&D to formulation development. This means we take your concepts from the laboratory bench to the production line.

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Finished Goods Custom Blending

From our large to pilot sized jacketed stainless steel kettles to our large capacity mix tanks capable of heavy viscosity blends with steam and chilling resources, we are capable of almost any raw material custom blending.

Raw Material Blending & Repackaging

Large capacity storage for handling raw material repackaging from Bulk Tank truck to Any size Totes(IBC), Drums, Pails, and gallons including smaller liquid fill line capacity(as detailed in Packaging services section).

Custom Equipment Procurement Program

As a CO-OP modeled contract program, we may acquire your specific need equipment as a service to partner with you in your expansion ventures. Contact us for further details.

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